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== Tips ==
== Tips ==
[[Help:GNOME/Openbox| Running Openbox in GNOME]]
[[Help:Help:Using Openbox in GNOME| Using Openbox in GNOME]]
<!-- [[Help:KDE/Openbox| Running Openbox in KDE]] -->
<!-- [[Help:KDE/Openbox| Running Openbox in KDE]] -->

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Welcome to the community maintained documentation for Openbox! Please feel free to help out and add your own articles or improve the ones that are already here.



Getting started

See the getting started guide for instructions on getting Openbox up and running.

Compiling openbox

The compiling guide details what you need to build the latest version of Openbox, and how to go about it.


Using Openbox in GNOME


Theme documentation

Configuring Openbox Config files. I wish obconf could just replace writing it all out, with tooltips and stuff...

Frequently asked questions

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