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  • Minimalistic visual interface
  • Extremely fast
  • Translations to over 20 languages
  • Solid and reliable look and feel
  • *box style themes with a huge number of enhancements
  • Advanced focus cycling dialog (with faded iconic windows)
  • Focus cycling to panels and desktop windows
  • Focus cycling across all desktops
  • Combined client list menu (with faded iconic windows)
  • Dynamically built menus with Pipe menus
  • Caching pipe menus
  • Auto start programs when logging in graphically
  • Graphical log in options for GNOME or KDE with Openbox as the window manager
  • Supports 32-bit true transparent windows
  • Extensive language rendering support
  • Configurable mouse interaction with windows (Mouse bindings)
  • Extensively configurable key bindings
  • Dynamic desktops (add and remove desktops in any order)
  • Emacs key-chain key bindings
  • Key-chain on screen display
  • Chrootable key bindings and key quoting
  • Extensive Xinerama (TwinView) support
  • Multiple screen support (Through running multiple instances of Openbox - they cooperate with other screens)
  • Actively maintained
  • True partial-strut support
  • Application launching notification from Openbox menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts in all menus
  • Show hostname in the titlebar for remote clients
  • Complete EWMH support (1.4-draft2)
  • Laptop power friendly (support for user-time window property)
  • Animated iconify and restore
  • Support for applications from all desktops and toolkits
  • Synchronized window resizing
  • Flexible and powerful per-window settings
  • Moving maximized windows between monitors on Xinerama (TwinView) setups
  • User specified fonts
  • Resize handles around the edge of window frames
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