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= ObConf 2 =
== Features ==
* Real theme previews generated using libobrender
* Written in Ruby, not a pain in the ass to add new options to it (not 500 callback functions like the C version)
== Caveats ==
* Lags behind openbox development either because I'm lazy or because of school.
* Ubuntu has an old (buggy) version of ruby-gnome2 in its repositories that doesn't work well with Obconf.
== Installation ==
You'll need the following:
* openbox from subversion
svn co svn://svn.icculus.org/openbox/trunk/ openbox
cd openbox; ./configure --prefix=/usr; make; make install [make install requires root privileges]
* [http://ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp/ ruby-gnome2] 0.16.0 or cvs.
** FOR 0.16.0 ONLY: edit /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/libglade2.rb
*** find (should be line 42)
if signal_proc
*** add guard_source_from_gc(source) so that it looks like
if signal_proc
* ruby-gettext
* obtain and install obconf
** svn co http://svn.l3ib.org/obconf/trunk obconf
** cd obconf; sudo ruby setup.rb [requires root privileges]
* enjoy life
** run obconf2
== Screenshots ==

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ObConf is available for download here.

The current changelog is found here.

Installing and distributing Openbox themes

ObConf now easily installs new themes which use the .obt Openbox theme archive format for distribution. Just open any .obt theme archive in your file browser, or use the interface provided inside ObConf.

You can also use ObConf to create .obt Openbox theme archives for distributing your own themes.


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