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Installing and distributing Openbox themes

ObConf now easily installs new themes which use the .obt Openbox theme archive format for distribution. Just open any .obt theme archive in your file browser, or use the interface provided inside ObConf.

You can also use ObConf to create .obt Openbox theme archives for distributing your own themes.


These screenshots are of the soon-to-be-released ObConf 2.0

Theme options
Appearance options
Behavior options
Desktop options
Dock options

Downloading ObConf

ObConf is available for download here.

The current changelog is found here.

Installing ObConf

Package maintainers should be aware: When ObConf is installed, upgraded or uninstalled, they need to run these commands to update the .obt file associations for GNOME:

update-mime-database /usr/share/mime
update-desktop-database /usr/share/applications

These programs are a part of the shared-mime-info and desktop-file-utils packages. They should be installed if GNOME is installed.

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