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Help translate Openbox! Any improvements to existing translations, or translations to new languages would be greatly appreciated by your fellow users.

Translations are done through "po" files. The easiest way to edit these files is to use KBabel, which is a part of KDE (in the kdesdk package).

If you want to update an existing translation, browse through our latest translations. You can download and modify the translation from there (right click on the "raw" link and select "save as" or the equivalent).

If you want to create a new translation from scratch, download the current translation template and add your translations to it. Download the file and run the command msginit --locale LL_CC where LL_CC is the appropriate code for your language. For example ru for Russian, sv for swedish or en_CA for the Canadian variant of English. If you don't have the msginit command, you can save the file directly as LL_CC.po and fill in the header yourself, using an existing translation as a template.

When you've completed a new translation, you can submit it to the bugzilla to have it included in the next release. To submit a translation, follow the link below and fill out the template to create a bug report. After the bug report has been created, attach your new "po" file to the bug. If you for some reason don't want to use bugzilla, you can also try to send the translation to the mailing list or contact us directly on IRC but these methods are less reliable and the translation might get lost.

Important Please make sure to specify the character encoding properly or Openbox won't be able to read the strings, UTF-8 is preferable.

Thank you for your help!

Browse existing translations

Submit a new or updated translation (Note: you will get the opportunity to upload the file _after_ you create the entry, don't paste the file in the comments box)

Bug reports


Important When submitting a bug report, please make sure to explain to the developers how to reproduce your problem. If we can't reproduce it, we probably can't fix it.

Browse existing bug reports

Submit a new bug report

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