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== Script archives ==
== Script archives ==
[ Mulberry's pipemenu script collection page]
[  Mulberry's pipemenu script collection]
[  Safari Al's bgmenu script]
[  Safari Al's bgmenu script]

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Using Pipe menus

See the menu documentation for how to use pipe menus in your Openbox menus.


Openbox Configuration

Theme Changer ob3_theme.c - Mike Hokenson

Theme Changer theme scripts.tar - Marius Nita

Configure Openbox from a menu - needs work (broken)

Background Management

Change wallpaper

Change wallpaper ob3_wall.c - Mike Hokenson

Change wallpaper bgmenu.rb - Tim Riley

Change wallpaper chwall

Desktop Environment Integration

XDG bookmarks menu, defaults to nautilus but should be usable with thunar and maybe others?

XDG bookmarks works with pcmanfm . If you are lazy : pcmanfm version

Create new files from templates (in ~/Templates)

Create an XDG menu desktopmenu.php

Create an XDG menu obx-xdgmenu.tar.gz

Show your connected servers and opens them using nautilus

Recreate your gnome-places menu from the comfort of openbox (includes server-list, bookmarks and recently used).

Shows your recent documents. recent.rb - Tim Riley

Shows your recent documents

This script pipes the rox-filer bookmarks from ~/.config/rox..../bookmarks.xml into the Openbox menu. Running one in the menu opens the bookmark with rox-filer. - Vlad George

System Information

This script reads out process information from /proc and pipes it into the Openbox menu. You can renice, kill or restart running applications through the menu. It also has an application filter, so not all user applications/daemons are shown in the menu. It is similar to the procinfo script by Dave Foster. - Vlad George

See your CPU frequency - John McKnight

Proc info procinfo - Dave Foster

This script is a way to control screen, it allows you to launch new screens or perform operations on currently running screens screen script

Sysinfo sysinfo (by yettenet) - Pipemenus to show your system info, such as free ram, processor, disk space etc. etc. kind of like gkrellm, but like a menu. needs some editing to work for each system like dev and eth.

dir-menu directory structure menu with simple file handling

Sound & Media

Two part script, xmmspipe controls xmms/beep/audacious via xmms-session (xmms-session has instructions) xmmspipe & xmms-session.c

Control MPC from openbox

Control MPD from your menu - John McKnight

Basic controls for quodlibet :


Queries Quake 3 servers ob3_q3stat.c

Queries Enemy Territory servers ob-et.c

Queries Enemy Territory servers


Check your GMail from a menu - probably needs works

Parse Netscape type bookmarks into an openbox pipe menu ff2xml

Menu that shows the contents of a directory, recursively dirlist - Dave Foster

Read manuals and books from your menu books

Open ssh connections to your known hosts from ssh-to menu

Manage your removable media (flash sticks, cdroms, etc), uses KDE libs ob-mediamanager

Script archives

Mulberry's pipemenu script collection

Safari Al's bgmenu script

Eikenberry's mpd controller and key bindings toggle

ObMenu by Manuel Colmenerohas contains several menus, including an XDG menu, a firefox bookmark menu and others

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