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Using Pipe menus

See the menu documentation for how to use pipe menus in your Openbox menus.


Openbox Configuration

Theme Changer ob3_theme.c - Mike Hokenson

Theme Changer theme scripts.tar - Marius Nita

Background Management

Change wallpaper

Change wallpaper ob3_wall.c - Mike Hokenson

Change wallpaper bgmenu.rb - Tim Riley

Change wallpaper chwall

Desktop Environment Integration

XDG bookmarks menu, defaults to nautilus but should be usable with thunar and maybe others?

Create new files from templates (in ~/Templates)

Create an XDG menu desktopmenu.php

Shows your connected servers and opens them using nautilus

Recreate your gnome-places menu from the comfort of openbox (includes server-list, bookmarks and recently used).

Shows your recent documents. recent.rb - Tim Riley

Shows your recent documents

This script pipes the rox-filer bookmarks from ~/.config/rox..../bookmarks.xml into the Openbox menu. Running one in the menu opens the bookmark with rox-filer. - Vlad George

System Information

This script reads out process information from /proc and pipes it into the Openbox menu. You can renice, kill or restart running applications through the menu. It also has an application filter, so not all user applications/daemons are shown in the menu. It is similar to the procinfo script by Dave Foster. - Vlad George

See your CPU frequency - John McKnight

Proc info procinfo - Dave Foster

Sound & Media

Two part script, xmmspipe controls xmms/beep/audacious via xmms-session (xmms-session has instructions) xmmspipe & xmms-session.c

Control MPC from openbox


Check you GMail from a menu

Queries Quake 3 servers ob3_q3stat.c

Parse Netscape type bookmarks into an openbox pipe menu ff2xml

Menu that shows the contents of a directory, recursively dirlist - Dave Foster

Read manuals and books from your menu books

Script archives

Mulberry's pipemenu script collection page

Safari Al's bgmenu script

Eikenberry's mpd controller and key bindings toggle

ObMenu by Manuel Colmenerohas contains several menus, including an XDG menu, a firefox bookmark menu and others

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