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Pipemenus are generated at run time (on-the-fly) based on output of scripts. These are also called "dynamic menus". A number of scripts, used to generate dynamic menus, written by various people and available here.

See the menu documentation for how to use pipe menus in your Openbox menus.


Openbox Configuration

Background Management

Desktop Environment Integration

  • Pipes the rox-filer bookmarks from ~/.config/rox..../bookmarks.xml into the Openbox menu. Running one in the menu opens the bookmark with rox-filer.
  • Menu of recently copied text clips, selecting an item pastes it (requires parcellite or clipit to be installed) - Joe Bloggs

XDG Application Menus

  • Important.png
    Python XDG menu from Fedora This is a very complete XDG menu solution, works flawlessly, and is one of the few, if not the only one which supports custom user menus, meaning you can edit your menus with alacarte or any XDG menu editor.
  • openbox-menu This generates menus for Openbox from the applications installed on the system and keeps them always up to date.
  • Openbox:Pipemenus:obam Openbox Application Menu reads .desktop files from multiple directories to construct a flat menu. This is especially useful if your system doesn't have working XDG or Debian menus.

Browser Integration

  • Opera bookmarks Grabs your bookmarks from Opera. Clicking on them opens them in Opera. - Brendan Johan Lee

System Information

  • A similar system information script written in Perl and easy to modify/extend. - dbbolton

Sound & Media



  • ob-randr Easily change resolution, rotation, scaling, panning, and other xrandr operations as well as quickly see the capabilities of connected displays.
  • Palobo's Openbox SimpleTasks Tasklist A simple task list in the form of a pipe menu. Simple features are supported for the time being. Adding tasks. Clicking on a task renders it completed and is therefore removed from the list.

Script Archives & Collections

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