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lirolmonbocg monlal ordrona eltgetchi Show off your Openbox desktop. (upload here)

Ss postlogic01.png

Openbox on Gnome, with a personal theme. By postlogic

Ss obconfblackness.jpg

ObConf showing off the ubuntustudio theme. By OgMaciel

Scrot smoon.png

Openbox with Gnome and dropshadows. By smoon

Borosaiob 2007-06-06.png

Openbox with a custom theme. By borosai


Openbox with bear2 theme. By nightm4re

OgMaciel 20070607.png

Openbox with Totem, Dates, Tasks, Drivel, PyPanel and UbuntuStudio theme. By OgMaciel

Ss OnyxTheme.png

KDE/Openbox with the new Onyx themes in 3.4.1. By Dana


Openbox with sodio theme. By crimeboy


Openbox with absE theme. By crimeboy


Openbox with zenyellow theme. By crimeboy


Openbox on OpenBSD. fbpanel, wmcpuload, wmmemload, wmdiskmon, urxvt, irssi, mplayer. By sysrq.


Openbox on Arch Linux using the Onyx Citrus theme, showing off the RSS pipe menu. By Borromini.


Openbox 3.4 on Zenwalk Linux using m0nst4-sky theme, with conky in bottom corner. By Bonzodog


Openbox on Gnome, Archlinux, using rezza Gillouche theme. By z3ppelin.


Openbox with gnome-panel, obpanel, thunderbird, firefox, gvim, urxvt. Running on ubuntu. By sysrq.

2007-06-29-233539 1280x1024 scrot.png

Minimalistic plain Openbox with conky and docker, with the Simple theme. By Roberth

Openbox chg.jpg

Openbox 3.4.2, urxvt, irssi. conky, minipager. By changs


OB 3.4.2/Ubuntu FF conky, docker, tilda, ephiphany with transparency and drop shadows in Cukoo Spit. By Donnie


OB 3.4.2/Ubuntu, conky, gnome-terminal and the kill-9 theme and wallpaper. by mrnorms

FreeBSD Ob3.4-20070717.png

Openbox on FreeBSD using ipager, pypanel, conky, beep-media-player, bmp-rootvis with a simple theme and wallpaper. by Olivier


OB 3.4.2 with urxvt, conky, vlc and psi. True transparency (xcompmgr) enabled. Theme is ldc.


debian lenny/sid: openbox 3.4.2 (theme: flx3) + perlpanel + rxvt

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