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I think we need to figure out how to organise these? Credits are usually included in the files... if not could people claim them if they want ;)

I have linked out maybe i should upload here?

What do people think??


Nice work :) We can't upload them directly into the wiki I think. I tried that before without success, but putting them on the Openbox site makes sure they don't go disappearing on us.. It'd be really nice if we could put them in the wiki, it won't let you upload a py file, even when I enabled it though.. Maybe you know how?


I have thought more about this and i have some pros and cons about on/off site links, i think we will have to live with a mixture ;)

For on:

full control, so no dead links

easy to find

Offsite links wil probably link to a page that describes teh script of extra searching will be involved

For Offsite:

People will link off site, it is a wiki, and they probably want traffic to their bit of the web.

If people update they will prbably update their own site first?

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