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  • The idea is a menu of presets in the top left, and a list of currently visible window tags (tasks) beside it.
  • Right-click a window tag name to remove it (hide it).
  • The * refers to the set of windows that are not tagged.
  • The right-most tag is always "add" which is a menu of tags when clicked, to add a tag to the list/show the tagged set of windows.
    • Under add is "new tag..." to create a new tag (should probably exist in window tag menu also)
  • You get 10 numbered presets by default and can add named ones.
  • Presets hold a set of tags. The menu shows all tags and lets you check/uncheck them.
  • Windows have a tag menu which lets you associate a tag with it quickly.
  • The top bar can be shown:
    • Always
    • On mouseover
    • While key held down
    • When key pressed (toggled)
  • KDE has something like this system now.


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