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  • Add the ability to install .obt theme archives
  • Add the ability to create .obt theme archives
  • Double clicking a .obt file will launch it with ObConf, install the theme, and select it for both KDE and GNOME desktops
  • Fix for writing invalid font entries when none existed in the config file already
  • Add new dock options showDelay and noStrut
  • Add mouse option for double click time and drag threshold
  • Add option for animate iconify/restore
  • Make Openbox reconfigure with communication through the X server rather than by PID


  • Add the ability to change your fonts
  • Add the <focusLast> config option
  • When changing the number of desktops, or their names, ObConf will set them in the current session as well as saving them to the Openbox config file.
  • Improve how ObConf sets the desktop names. You can leave them empty and it will use the default translated names from Openbox.


  • Update to the Openbox 3.4 series libraries.
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