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Show off your Openbox desktop. (upload here)


Slackware 15.0 x86_64, Openbox 3.6.1, Conky-1.19.0, Tint2-17.0.2, Picom Compositor, and Papirus icons.

Openbox screenshot.jpg

Slackware 14.0 x86, OpenBox 3.5.0, Conky 1.9.0, Tint2 SVN, and AwOken icons

2010-10-04-193330 1280x1024 scrot.png

Gentoo + OpenBox, pypanel, conky, gvim, gnome-terminal, gtk: stardust, icons: simplygrey, wp: stormtrooper. +info in image description.


Openbox Elementary Desktop

Openbox 2013-08-17-114243 2560x1600 slackmagic display0 np.png

slackware 14.0 x86_64-multilib, openbox 3.5.0, conky 1.9.0 (2 instances) w/ teamspeak status & horizontal calendar, gkrellm, pidgin w/ facebook-chat plugin (transparent), nitrogen, rxvt-unicode, irssi ##slackware! (happy 20th!). by slackmagic

Openbox dust carbon.jpg

Openbox on Ubuntu 8.10, Carbon Openbox Theme, Dust gtk theme.


Openbox; Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.1 CLI, pypanel, xfce4-terminal, swiftfox. Airborne Theme; by weboide


Linguas OS 1.3 with Openbox: lxpanel, tickle text (editing rc.xml), tclscreen

2560x1024 scrot.jpg

Openbox 3.4.7; Backround from; showing epicview, Gimp, PacmanFM, vlc, urxvt, mcabber, conky, moc; by muunleit


Screenshot of my Ubuntu Hardy running on AMD64 3000+ with Openbox, Trayer, Conky, Audacious and Simdock. by Mendax


Screenshot of my nc6120 notebook running Gentoo Linux, at 10 Februari 2008, showing pidgin, urxvt, gmpc and conky on Openbox with the Dyne theme (slightly modified) and engine. By laen


Debian Lenny - Openbox3 with Squadron theme and Phlat-Boogie GTK theme - Stalonetray - Fbpanel (pager and clock + Pimlico Dates) - The Launcher in tray - Alltray docking Pcmanfm


Crunchbang (Ubuntu with openbox) screenshot with the programs thunar and gnome-terminal (rtorrent, snownews, moc-player). Conky and tint was also visible. GTK-theme: MurrinaDuoClean; ob-theme: dyne; gtk-icon-theme: ShiningBlack


OpenBox with fbpanel and idesk, on ArchLinux. Discovery Kids Wallpaper, Gartoon Icons, TSCu_Comic font, Thunar and Terminal

Ss postlogic01.png

Openbox on Gnome, with a personal theme. By postlogic

Ss obconfblackness.jpg

ObConf showing off the ubuntustudio theme. By OgMaciel

Scrot smoon.png

Openbox with Gnome and dropshadows. By smoon

Borosaiob 2007-06-06.png

Openbox with a custom theme. By borosai


Openbox with bear2 theme. By nightm4re

OgMaciel 20070607.png

Openbox with Totem, Dates, Tasks, Drivel, PyPanel and UbuntuStudio theme. By OgMaciel

Ss OnyxTheme.png

KDE/Openbox with the new Onyx themes in 3.4.1. By Dana


Openbox with sodio theme. By crimeboy


Openbox with absE theme. By crimeboy


Openbox with zenyellow theme. By crimeboy


Openbox on OpenBSD. fbpanel, wmcpuload, wmmemload, wmdiskmon, urxvt, irssi, mplayer. By sysrq.


Openbox on Arch Linux using the Onyx Citrus theme, showing off the RSS pipe menu. By Borromini.


Openbox 3.4 on Zenwalk Linux using m0nst4-sky theme, with conky in bottom corner. By Bonzodog


Openbox on Gnome, Archlinux, using rezza Gillouche theme. By z3ppelin.


Openbox with gnome-panel, obpanel, thunderbird, firefox, gvim, urxvt. Running on ubuntu. By sysrq.

2007-06-29-233539 1280x1024 scrot.png

Minimalistic plain Openbox with conky and docker, with the Simple theme. By Roberth

Openbox chg.jpg

Openbox 3.4.2, urxvt, irssi. conky, minipager. By changs


OB 3.4.2/Ubuntu FF conky, docker, tilda, ephiphany with transparency and drop shadows in Cukoo Spit. By Donnie


OB 3.4.4/Ubuntu, pypanel, gnome-terminal, irssi and the openbruise theme and wallpaper. by mrnorms

FreeBSD Ob3.4-20070717.png

Openbox on FreeBSD using ipager, pypanel, conky, beep-media-player, bmp-rootvis with a simple theme and wallpaper. by Olivier


OB 3.4.2 with urxvt, conky, vlc and psi. True transparency (xcompmgr) enabled. Theme is ldc.


debian lenny/sid: openbox 3.4.2 (theme: flx3) + perlpanel + rxvt

GagaPeter 001.png

Arch linux with OpenBox 3.4.4 with conky, running the beep-media-player.


Gentoo Linux with OpenBox: rxvt (terminal), xcompmgr (windowshadow), audacious (mediaplayer), tint2 (panel)

Slackware skinn3r.png

Slackware 12.1 with Openbox: pypanel, conky, netwmpager


Linguas OS with Openbox: tickle text, sakura terminal


Openbox on Debian. Urxvt, conky, patched pypanel, gvolwheel, background with nitrogen ... More about to come !

Crunchbang 2010-03-08 1280x800 scrot.png

Crunchbang linux 9.04, lxpanel, conky, pcmanfm "Elegant for rent" gtk and openbox theme, "Monolit" icon theme, distro wallpaper

2010-04-05-215307 1024x768 scrot.png

Openbox on Debian with tint2 and Surreal theme.


Debian gnu/linux, stable, lenny. roxterm, tcltext, openbox, conky, Xpostulate. no panels, no fluff.


Debian 7 Wheezy, Openbox 3.5.0, terminator, vim, fbpanel


Openbox / Archlinux on my eee pc 901. feh, tint2 panel, conky, roxterm, pcmanfm, mplayer, wicd.


openbox 3.4, debian 6.0 squeeze, roxterm, conky


Linguas OS 1.3 with Openbox: lxpanel, tickle text (editing rc.xml), tclscreen, xmms


openbox on CTKArch, Arch Linux LiveCD, PCManFM, URXVT terminal.


Debian gnu/linux, stable, lenny. roxterm, Xpostulate, openbox, conky. no panels, no fluff. fishy wallpaper.


Ubuntu 10.04 ,lxterminal, audacious-pipmenu (written by myself),conky-colors,conky-lua(clock), tint2

Openbox OpenBSD5 1680x1050.png

OpenBSD 5.0(amd64) with Openbox 3.4.1, conky, tint2, nitrogen, urvxt

FreeBSD8.2 Openbox 1680x1050.png

FreeBSD 8.2-Stable(amd64) with Openbox 3.5, xcompmgr/gcompmgr, conky, tint2, nitrogen, urxvt


Debian 9.3, Openbox 3.6.1, tint2, compton

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