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Openbox 3.4.11 released

Feb 08, 2010 - 2:49 pm EST

In case you're going to be bored this valentines day, we've made another Openbox 3.4 release, so you can spend your day with Openbox.

There are a number of bug fixes in this release, and continued improvements to menu behaviour. The coolest thing however, is changes to the the focus cycling (Alt-Tab) dialog. It is now dynamic as windows appear/disappear while focus cycling. We've got some more really cool changes coming up for in in the 3.5 series as well so stay tuned for those.

As you may have noticed, we are also moving our web hosting to a new site, which is allowing us to use the domain fully. As such, the site has moved to since a few weeks ago.

You can see the full changelog here: And download the latest before it hits youre distribution here:

Openbox 3.4.10 released

Jan 30, 2010 - 8:46 am EST

We just can't get enough of the Openbox 3.4 series. Today we're happy to release version Openbox 3.4.10.

This is a minor bugfix + new features release, mostly focused on Openbox menu behaviours. Here's the complete changelog:

  • Improve keyboard navigation in Openbox menus.
  • Add a --root option and a manpage for obxprop.
  • Use a negative value for submenuShowDelay and submenuHideDelay to cause an infinite delay. This means you have to click to show a submenu, rather than just hover over it.
  • Improved code for submenu show/hide delay. Added the submenuHideDelay config file option, under the "menu" section.
  • Fixed bug #4464 (Typo in openbox-gnome-session script).
  • Fixed bug #4436 (Focusing a window used to stop focus cycling).
  • Renamed obprop to obxprop due to collision with Open Babel (See bug #4419).

You can download the new release from here:

p.s. Happy new year !

Openbox 3.4.9 released

Dec 18, 2009 - 11:21 am EST

I present to you all Openbox version 3.4.9.

You can view all the detailed changes here: and download it from here:

This release is expected to be the last of the 3.4 series, with some forward-looking changes coming in future releases.

We've improved interoperability with gnome-session so that GNOME/Openbox should work correcly "out of the box" on newer distributions again.

I got a second monitor, and so ended up spending a lot of time improving behaviour for multi-monitor setups. This culminated in the primaryMonitor option in the rc.xml config file. This option dictates where Openbox will show popups such as the one for cycling windows with Alt-Tab.

We've added _OB_ROLE, _OB_NAME, and _OB_CLASS hints on all windows, to help with making application rules in the rc.xml. Also, we've added a new "obprop" command to help you read these properties off of a window.

And lastly, Openbox menus should be a little more friendly now, as submenus do not hide immediately anymore, allowing you to skip across items in a menu in order to reach the submenu.

Thank you to all the users who gave feedback in bug reports and tested things. You all helped a lot in making this release.

Happy holidays, and happy Openboxing.

Openbox 3.4.8 released

Dec 08, 2009 - 4:04 pm EST

It's been a while but we're pleased to announce a new Openbox release.

You can view all the detailed changes here: and download it from here:

Largely this release fixes bugs reported by users, especially in terms of focusing new windows, or through the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message used by pagers/panels etc.

GNOME/Openbox (aka openbox-gnome-session) should work out of the box again, with newer versions (> 2.22) of GNOME.

Many translations have been updated, and three new translations are now included: Danish, Turkish, and Lithuanian. (Thank you, translators!)

Google Chrome will now work correctly when you toggle it between using system borders or its own.

Struts with multiple monitors should work better now. More changes will come, pending some discussion in the wm-spec mailing list. We're working to make struts/panels as flexible as possible with multiple monitors.

We've added support for clicking through shaped windows.

We no longer will try hard to prevent focus from moving while a keyboard grab is in place. In practice this should help make fewer surprises for our users, but may cause buggy applications to track their focus incorrectly. We're hoping that the buggy apps are in the minority by this point.

And lastly, the Exit and SessionLogout actions have similar functionality, so we've decided to merge them together. Both actions still exist but they both do the right thing based on how you are running Openbox.


Openbox released

Apr 17, 2008 - 11:27 am EDT

After three pre-releases I made some last minute breaking and released 3.4.7, soon after which I did some last minute unbreaking and released

You can view all the detailed changes here: and download it from here:

The change which I suspect will cause us the most trouble is that _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW now shows the window on the current desktop, so pagers/panels should send a desktop change message first. Probably some of them don't and people will send bug reports. Send them to the pager/panel author instead please :).

Other user noticable changes include a new default window icon and prompt windows that openbox will show on syntax errors. They can also be used to ask for confirmation before exiting or running an execute action.

The default menu.xml file has been updated to be a bit more sensible and hopefully includes more useful items now than before. Menus got some more theme settings too, you can now customize the look of separator lines, and the offset of submenus in the x- and y-dimension separately.

On the backend side, the Vertical, SplitVertical, Horizontal and Pyramid gradients got some speed impromevents, and an icon cache was introduced to reduce memory usage. Lots of small bugs were also fixed.

Have fun!

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