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== Script archives ==
== Script archives ==
[  Merry's pipescript collection page]
[  Mulberry's pipescript collection page]
[  SafariAl's bgmenu script]
[  SafariAl's bgmenu script]

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Script archives

Mulberry's pipescript collection page

SafariAl's bgmenu script


Rox bookmarks list

This script pipes the rox-filer bookmarks from ~/.config/rox..../bookmarks.xml into the Openbox menu. Running one in the menu opens the bookmark with rox-filer.


written by Vlad George

Process list

This script reads out process information from /proc and pipes it into the Openbox menu. You can renice, kill or restart running applications through the menu. It also has an application filter, so not all user applications/daemons are shown in the menu. It is similar to the procinfo script by Dave Foster.


written by Vlad George

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