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Openbox does not natively support wallpapers, but wallpapers can be displayed with Nitrogen.

Different wallpaper on every workspace

A different background for each workspace might be desired to provide orientation, to easily know which desktop you are on. A script is given here: A way to have per desktop or random wallpapers in Openbox. Add to autostart.sh. There may be an issue with resource usage, depending how often you switch desktops.

Some older, sometimes incomplete solutions, in case the above isn't what is needed:

  • Set different background images per virtual desktop. "have a desktop type window on each desktop that simply displayed whatever you wanted, and it would have that effect"
  • Using feh.
  • Using conky (same thread as the feh idea). This will only change the wallpaper when conky updates, and it will update every time conky updates, adding to CPU usage. (There is a [suggestion] to use the $execi or $texeci command to check whether the desktop is the same as when last checked, hopefully using less resources, but no code is given.{
  • Different wallpaper on every workspace - solved - works for keyboard combinations, not for changing desktop by mouse.

Rotating desktop wallpapers

See: Rotating desktop wallpapers

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