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Pretty keen.

Hi. I'm Spoiledbroth. I write bad code and use openbox. I like minimalism.

I hope to leave some scripts, pipemenus, and short tutorials on this page.


Desktop integration tips

  • Employ "the xdotool pattern" to integrate multiple Openbox menus.
  • Integrate window tiling into your Openbox desktop with X-Tile.




  • Whisky Jack - an Openbox 3 theme to fit the stock Greybird GTK 2/3 theme by (XFCE)
  • Vedanta-dark - an Openbox 3 theme to fit the stock Adwaita-dark GTK 2/3 theme-variant by the GNOME Project

Recommended software

General desktop environment Openbox-related
  • Feh - console-friendly image viewer, set desktop images w/ multihead support
  • gsimplecal - lightweight configurable GTK calendar applet written in C++
  • neap - X11 systray workspace pager
  • gmrun - Featureful GTK application runner with tab auto-completion.
  • obamenu - openbox application automenu written in python
Other software
  • Mopidy - extensible python music server w/ multiple web backends, supports mpd clients
  • folder2ram - simple utility to bind mount directories to tmpfs/sync to disk to reduce write activity on SSD/eMMC drives
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